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Bulk purchase of dried vegetables and herbs

Dried vegetables have been a part of Iranian kitchens since the old times Because of this, many people begin to work in the field of dried vegetables and herbs in the form of retail sales, and they require a wholesale supply of dried vegetables. If you are a retailer of dried vegetables or need to buy dried vegetables in bulk for any reason, we will do our best to provide you with the best quality dried vegetables at the best price.
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The price of wholesale dried vegetables and herbs

Due to the different qualities of dried herbs in the market, they have different prices, that’s why we are trying to provide various grades of dried vegetables to you, the major buyers of dried vegetables.
The most expensive type of dried vegetable is usually the export dried vegetable, which is of the highest quality because it is selected for sale in foreign markets.

Properties of dried vegetables

Dried herbs, like dried fruits, retain their properties and vitamins after drying; besides making foods tasty, they can enrich them with beneficial properties for the body.

What are dried vegetables and herbs?

Dried vegetables are vegetables and herbs that are dehydrated and dried to bring advantages to us, the most important of which is increasing the durability of vegetables. In addition, dried herbs have less volume and weight. Also, by drying the vegetable, we can easily access it in the season when the desired vegetable is less harvested.

Reasons for drying vegetables

Fresh vegetables spoil fast, and after that, they rot. Drying vegetables is a solution right in front of us so that we can use them for a long time while preserving their properties and benefits of vegetables. In addition, vegetables lose much of their mass and volume after drying and find much more favorable conditions for transportation. Likewise, another reason we have for drying vegetables is to have those vegetables available when the harvest is less or some herbs are not in harvesting time.

All kinds of dried vegetables

Dried vegetables are generally divided into two types: simple dried vegetables and mixed dried vegetables; for example, the combination of dill, parsley, leek, and coriander makes Kuku sabzi (Iranian herb frittata). Some other mixed dried herbs are vegetables for Ash (Persian Vegan thick soup), herbs for Ghorme sabzi (Iranian herb stew), herbs for vegetable Pilaf ( pilau ), etc.

Determining the quality of dried herbs

Generally, buyers ask for a sample before buying dried vegetables in bulk. When the load reaches you, after opening the first package, smell the herbs and check that it has a pleasing aroma. If the fragrance of the dried herbs is very slight, it indicates that the quality of the load is not high. After that, check that the dried vegetables do not have dirt; because the dried herbs must be washed thoroughly before drying to remove all the mud; now look at its color; the high-quality dried vegetable is green and should not be yellow. Also, having a very dark color in such a way that you realize that the heat has damaged the vegetable is a sign of the poor quality of the load. And finally, another characteristic of high-quality dried herbs is that they should be leaves, not powdered. The higher the percentage of your dried herbs load is leaves, the better the dried herbs load is. In addition, the amount of stem in the load should not be excessive. By checking these items, you can be sure of the quality of your dried herbs load to a large extent. By all means, the presence of each of the above items in a limited form is usual in dried vegetable loads. Another point you should pay attention to is when buying dried vegetables in bulk; if you intend to purchase export (first grade) dried vegetables, ask the sellers to send you an export load, which is generally of the highest quality.


What are the characteristics of quality dried herbs?

High-quality herbs have been washed well, and their extra parts have been removed, so-called pure leaf dried herbs.

What quality of dried vegetables sell in Drynic?

Generally, we offer you the best quality dried herbs; but if you need 2nd and 3rd-grade dried vegetables and herbs, contact our experts.